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Honeywell Surveys Show Significant Gaps in Fire Safety Awareness in Morocco and Tunisia

Honeywell’s fire safety awareness studies that were conducted amongst the urban adult populations of Morocco and Tunisia showed serious gaps in knowledge and behaviour.

Honeywell.com_DL_NewsArticle_InfoGraphic_v1The surveys found the 75% of respondents in Morocco and 69% in Tunisia had not attended a fire drill in the past five years. In both countries more than half of the people surveyed stated that they would leave a building the same way that they entered. 65% of those surveyed in Morocco reported that there was no fire detection systems in their place of work, while this figure was 50% in Tunisia.

Honeywell presented the studies at media round tables in Casablanca and Tunis, in partnership with CNPP (Centre National de Prévention et de Protection), the approvals and training body for fire safety and risk in the region.

The Honeywell IQ8 Quad is the most advanced detector range in the region, with unique technology. Four safety tasks in one device - detection, flash lamp, sounder and speech, a centrepiece for every fire alarm system.

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