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New Safety Tips for Back to School

KidSmartz_in-storyBack to school is an important time for adults to talk with kids about safety. According to a nine-year analysis conducted by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC) of more than 9,000 confirmed attempted child abductions, children are more vulnerable to abduction when going to and from school or a school-related activity. The study also identified important patterns: children increased their chances for a safe escape when they ran, screamed or pulled away.

KidSmartz™, a program created by the child safety experts at NCMEC in partnership with Honeywell, has developed a new series of videos for the 2015 school year to help open the lines of communication between parents and kids and provide important safety tips.

Parents and teachers can download more KidSmartz curriculum and related materials at

KidSmartz™ provides critical safety information and tools for your children in grades K to 5, teaching simple safety rules in an entertaining, informative and, most importantly, memorable way. The Safety Song and Dance teaches kids the four basic rules to remember:

  • Check First – children should always check with trusted adult before going anywhere, helping anyone, accepting anything or getting into a car.
  • Take a Friend – youngsters should always travel in groups or pairs when going places or playing outside.
  • Tell People “No” – children should be empowered to stand up for themselves if they feel uncomfortable in any way.
  • Tell a Trusted Adult – a child should tell a trusted adult if anything makes them feel sad, scared or confused.

Educators think the rules of safety are both practical and easy to remember.

“We were so happy to be able to teach safety in a way that wasn’t scary or threatening to our kids,” said Adria Francani, a teacher at P253, The Magnet School of Multicultural Humanities in Brooklyn, N.Y. “KidSmartz provided information that was not only fun but empowering for our students.”

For additional information, visit KidSmartz on Facebook and Twitter.

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