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From Distribution Center to Your Doorstep - How Shopping Online is Changing Offline Operations

You log on to your favorite retailer's website to order a sweater or new running shoes. Seems simple, but do you have any idea what it takes to get those purchases from the distribution center to your front door?

According to a new survey by Honeywell and YouGov that examined the future of distribution center operations, IT-decision makers across the US and Europe agree that mobile devices to improve their operations as well as automated voice technology &endash; wireless headsets that provide direction to distribution center workers &endash; will help these operations keep pace as online orders continue to soar.

Technology Keeps Distribution Centers Competitive

WE infographic 01_Oct12 2015According to the survey, nine in 10 distribution centers expect to be equipped with voice direction technology in the next five years.

Mitigating the Cost of Mispicks

WE infographic 02_Oct12 2015With distribution centers on average losing more than $400,000 every year due to picking errors, voice direction technologies and mobile computers, printers and scanners featuring more reliable data capture technology are expected to provide the technical edge necessary to improve overall accuracy and reduce costs.

“Consumers want their purchases delivered as quickly as possible, which puts extreme pressure on distribution center operators to deliver the right products to the right place at the right time,” says Bruce Stubbs, director of industry marketing, Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions. “Connected workers using mobile solutions with data capture technology such as those delivered by Honeywell offer higher accuracy and productivity and have a positive impact on the bottom line.”

Voice Is Strong Differentiator

WE infographic 03_Oct12 2015So next time your new sweater or running shoes arrive at your front door, think about how the power of someone's voice may well have brought them to you. Honeywell's Vocollect Voice solutions are the industry leaders in voice-directed picking.

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