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Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific President Briand Greer Talks About The Impact of China's Economic Slowdown on The BBC

On Tuesday, September 29, Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific President Briand Greer spoke to Sharanjit Leyl, producer and presenter for BBC World News. Their interview focused on how most industries with a presence in Asia are concerned about the impact of China's economic slowdown and the few exceptions to the rule, like the aerospace industry.

Talking about how there’s still plenty of room for the industry to grow in the region, Greer said, “If you look at it as a business jet perspective or helicopters or any type of general aviation, there is not much of it that exists in China, relative to the US market or any other developed market. As the second biggest economy in the world now, China needs those types of assets, whether it is to support business aviation, helicopters for emergency and medical services or offshore oil well development. All that is needed but that all needs to be developed within China. And the infrastructure piece is another thing that’s holding back along with aerospace.”


While speaking about Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote’s meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping last week, at the U.S.-China Business Roundtable with 15 U.S. CEOs and 15 Chinese CEOs in Seattle, WA, Greer commented, “Well, we are very involved with what’s happening in aviation in China right now. We are on their C919 - the narrow body aircraft, we have 4 systems on that. We have an engine on a Chinese helicopter. Avionics on another utility aircraft. So we are already very engaged there. The central government is very aware of Honeywell and our investment there. Our CEO Dave Cote has been a part of the CEO forum that’s meeting with Xi Jingping and the other Chinese officials there, talking about how Honeywell and these various companies can do more in China. To help promote, for our case Aerospace and all the other industries that are engaged in China right now.”

Watch the full interview.

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