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Honeywell Chairman and CEO Talks Commitment to Integrity & Compliance in The October 2015 Issue of Ethisphere

Ethisphere_logoHoneywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote penned a by-line article, ”Setting the Tone from the Top, Honeywell’s Commitment to Integrity & Compliance: Our Reputation is Simply Non-Negotiable,” in the October issue of Ethisphere Magazine. The article was published in the magazine’s “The CEO Issue” which is filled with insights, collective experiences and wisdom about running an ethics-anchored company from CEOs at a range of companies spanning geography, size, and industry. In the article, Cote emphasizes integrity and compliance as the foundation of everything we do at Honeywell and to running a strong, sustainable business.

Cote starts the article with three questions. “Is it true?; Did you know?; Have you ever done that?”; and explains that no employee would ever want to face their family, friends, or colleagues and want to answer these questions when discussing Honeywell.

Honeywell CEO and Chairman Dave Cote“Acting with integrity protects the Honeywell brand. Our reputation and our brand mean everything to us. Employees want to feel good about the company they work for. From the shop floor to the boardroom, all of us associated with Honeywell want to be proud of our company and hold our heads up high in our communities. Getting everybody committed to the highest standards for integrity and compliance ensures that every employee gets to feel this sense of pride. This directly translates into positive perceptions of how others view us,” Cote writes.

He adds, “We have a reputation for superb earnings quality: strong earnings backed by strong cash flow. That’s another reputation we want to keep. The same holds true for any kind of distributor, customer, channel stuffing or special deals on price or terms at quarter end—we just won’t do it. When we report good results, we take pride in the fact that we achieved these results the right way.”

“We will continue to prioritize integrity and compliance and to be highly transparent to our employees about issues when they arise. Our reputation is simply non-negotiable,” Cote concludes.

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Rob Ferris
Corporate and Financial Media Relations