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Put Your Building to Work: Honeywell Smart Building Score™ Provides Smart Approach to Better Facilities and Business Results

Connectivity and data analytics are making everything smarter. We have smart phones, smart homes and smart cars -- our lives are packed with connected devices. But what would it be like if the buildings we live and work in could be smarter too?

Honeywell_Infographic_Cover_1024x512Without connectivity and intelligence, buildings are simply a depreciating asset on the profit and loss statement for a company. In contrast, a building that is connected and operates intelligently automatically takes actions to solve problems and adds value to the organization. From optimizing the flow of people through a facility, to automatically adjusting lighting or temperatures based on occupancy levels, smart buildings are more productive assets to organizations. They enable an organization to turn their building into a strategic asset for the business.

Take airports, for example. Often a source of stress, tension and lots of waiting — a smarter airport could create an entirely different experience for the traveling public. Imagine the possibilities: a traveler’s smartphone knows the traveler has an upcoming flight, and that smartphone could do more than just give the traveler directions to the airport, but also to a parking spot reserved in that traveler’s name — a spot dynamically assigned to the traveler based on knowledge of the traveler’s personal departure gate. And, once it’s time to pay, the traveler need not pull out a credit card on the way in or out of the garage — that will happen seamlessly, behind the scenes.

Honeywell_Infobite_Opportunity_01The traveler’s enhanced experience could continue inside the airport, with the airport knowing the moment a traveler walks through the front door, and building technologies helping ensure the security checkpoints are staffed properly to meet the expected volume of travelers, helping eliminate the “will-I or won’t-I make it” worries that plague so many travelers. Instead, the traveler is at ease—and maybe even has extra time for a leisurely walk through the concourse to look at retail shops, or order a meal. It’s a win for the traveler, for the airlines and for the airport.

Honeywell_Infobite_EnhancedExperience_01The technology exists today to transform building intelligence, as well as a diagnostic tool to help chart a path. The key challenge is to know where to start.

Earlier this year, Honeywell unveiled the Smart Building Score™ as a way to measure a building’s smartness and help establish a path to become even smarter. The first-of-its-kind global index quantifies a building’s green, safety and productivity technologies — the three main indicators of smart buildings – to establish a baseline of building smartness and provide a path to improve.Honeywell_Infobite_SmartPotential_01Today, Honeywell released Smart Building Score results of a survey of 500 buildings across seven major U.S. cities (Dallas, Chicago, L.A., Atlanta, D.C., NYC and Boston) and eight building types. The findings reveal valuable insights about opportunities to boost sustainability, security and productivity. According to the survey:

  • On a scale of 1 to 100, the average smart building score is 35;
  • Building intelligence by industry varies widely. Airports, government offices and hospitals were the smartest, with high-rise residences, private offices and education facilities scoring the lowest.
  • Many buildings are not equipped with the right technologies to fully take advantage of the opportunities to get smarter, with more than half of those building owners surveyed saying their facilities aren’t equipped with the right technology to maximize energy efficiency and sustainability.

Regardless of building type or industry, the survey shows there is a significant opportunity for organizations to ensure they are optimizing the building systems they are currently using and invest in those that can make the building more productive and efficient.