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Fast-To-Market Technology From Honeywell Helping Meet Growing Fuel And Petrochemical Demand in China


Honeywell announced that Shandong Luqing Petrochemical Co. has started up a new production unit in just 20 months, leveraging Honeywell UOP technology and a pre-engineered, fast-to-market design.

Located in Shandong Province on China's East Coast, the new unit will use Honeywell UOP's C4 Oleflex' process to produce 170,000 metric tons per year of isobutylene, a key ingredient for making high-octane fuel and synthetic rubber used in tires, healthcare supplies and other consumer products.

“UOP's fast-to-market solution with key, pre-engineered components enabled this project to go from kick-off to start-up in just 20 months &endash; about 10 to 12 months earlier than a typical project of this size &endash; allowing Shandong Luqing to start producing isobutylene sooner,” said Mike Millard, vice president and general manager of UOP's Process Technology and Equipment business unit. “With the lowest cash cost of production and the highest return on investment, Oleflex technology makes Luqing a more competitive player in the market for isobutylene.”

“Shandong Luqing is proud to operate the first dedicated C4 Oleflex unit in China,” said Wang Heqing, general manager at Shandong Luqing. “Using UOP's fast-to-market design, we were able to begin production much faster to meet the growing demand for fuel and petrochemicals, while gaining a strong foothold in the market.”

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