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Honeywell & Intel Demonstrate Wearable IoT Connected Safety Solutions for Industrial Workers & First Responders


This week, Honeywell and Intel demonstrated a prototype of a personal connected safety solution for industrial workers and first responders that would reduce workplace injury and improve productivity. The prototype was shown at Intel’s Internet of Things (IoT) Insights Day, an annual showcase featuring innovative IoT hardware and software in development by Intel and partnering companies.

Connected Worker: Intel IoT Insights Day | Honeywell (No Audio) ‚Äã

IOT_in-storyThe Honeywell Connected Worker solution includes a Mobile Hub that collects and provides sensor fusion, which refers to data collected from a variety of sensors on a worker that are compiled to provide a broader and more accurate picture of what that worker is experiencing. The Mobile Hub pulls data from a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), a heart rate monitor, and several Intel® Quark™ SE microcontroller based devices, including a toxic gas monitor, an activity detection device, and a non-verbal gesture device.

The solution monitors workers for toxic gas exposure, breathing, heart rate, posture and motion. The resulting data and actionable intelligence is displayed remotely on a visual, cloud-based dashboard, giving plant managers and incident commanders the information needed to better anticipate unsafe conditions and prevent potential “man-down” scenarios that could threaten worker safety. In addition, the data can be used to prevent equipment failure that could create unsafe conditions or costly downtime.

IOT_in-story3“This collaboration between Honeywell and Intel showcases how we are connecting industrial workers to the digital world and creating safer work environments,” said Carl Johnson, president of Honeywell Industrial Safety. “Honeywell’s long history in sensing technologies enables us to utilize environmental data to reduce risks and increase the productivity of our customers by using technology and staying connected to workers. This is a major breakthrough for worker safety and productivity that will revolutionize the industrial workplace.”

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