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Honeywell "Safe Kids at Home" Holds Its Annual Community Event in Shanghai

Recently, Safe Kids and Honeywell China jointly organized a community event themed “Taking A Deep Breath” for its corporate citizenship program “Safe Kids at Home” in Shanghai. At the event, the two sides also revealed their program survey findings -- “Chinese Families’ Perspectives On Indoor Air Quality At Home”, and unveiled a demo classroom at Shanghai Pudong Hua Mu Primary School for their Honeywell Hometown Solutions program.

Organized jointly by Safe Kids and Honeywell, the survey of “Safe Kids at Home - Chinese Families’ Perspectives On Indoor Air Quality at Home” was designed to gain a better understanding of the Chinese kids and parents’ awareness and knowledge/behavior gap regarding indoor air quality at home. The survey collected data from more than 1,000 families (students and parents) in 10 cities across China.

“This is the first time Safe Kids implemented such a survey that focuses on the kids and their families’ attention on indoor air quality at home, “ said Monica Cui, Executive Director for Safe Kids China. “Moving forward, Safe Kids at Home program will leverage the survey findings to map out our strategies and key layouts in the future behavioral education, and to further refine and enrich our the curriculum design.”

Since 2005, the Safe Kids at Home program has planted its root in over 20 cities across the country reaching more than 3 million students. The program mainly focuses on gas safety and fire escape, preventing unintentional child injuries. Recently, to cope with the pressing air pollution in China, especially the often-neglected indoor air pollution, the program now includes indoor air quality safety awareness protection with the schools and parents and ensure kids’ growing in a safe indoor environment.

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