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How Technology Helps Keep Cyber Monday Customers Happy


Imagine ordering that perfect gift for mom, choosing expedited shipping so you have it before your trip to visit family, and receiving the wrong item or the wrong size.

This “bah-humbug” scenario is what keeps retailers awake at night. And as delivery services like USPS, UPS, FedEx, Royal Mail, Deutsche Post, DPD and DHL prepare for January 8 &endash; the busiest returns day of the holiday season &endash; it's no wonder that retailers' distribution centers are feeling the heat around holiday shopping and shipping.

When millions of consumers log onto their computers or mobile devices on Cyber Monday &endash; the biggest on-line shopping day of the year &endash; the retail industry faces a critical challenge: ensuring distribution centers are up to the task of fulfilling tens of millions of orders accurately and on time.


Recently, a Honeywell survey found that the distribution centers that pick, pack and ship packages to consumers can lose on average $400,000 per year due to mispicks or miscounts of inventory &endash; not to mention losing customer loyalty if that perfect gift is not delivered.

During busy buying times, it's imperative for retailers and distribution centers to eliminate these costly errors to ensure customers get their packages on time and in the right condition. This is why many distribution centers and retailers are looking to new technology to help improve order accuracy and speed.


From prepping seasonal workers to accurately replenishing the shelves and shortening on-line shopping process on Cyber Monday, Honeywell's solutions make it easier to get your gifts wrapped, under the tree and ready to open.

  • Prepping seasonal workers. During the holiday season, retailers must quickly bring new, seasonal workers up to speed on their processes, says Bruce Stubbs, Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions. Multilingual voice solutions can also boost productivity in a workplace whereas many as a quarter of workers are not native English speakers, according to the survey. As Newegg &endash; the second-largest e-tailer in the world &endash; experienced when deploying Honeywell Vocollect voice solutions, training times for workers decreased dramatically, which can further help to eliminate stress during the busy holiday shopping period and enable seasonal workers to become productive almost immediately.
  • Replenishing the shelves. Many have experienced the hassle of holiday on-line shopping and realizing too late that they missed the cutoff for last-minute delivery. or even worse, finding out that the item is no longer in stock after the order was placed. Data capture solutions and voice-directed technology give real-time data insights to distribution center operators, which means the item in your online shopping cart is accounted for and ready to be pulled off a shelf to be shipped to you. It also ensures that on the back-end, retailers can quickly update their inventory and have the supply to meet your holiday e-shopping demands.

Distribution centers equipped with Honeywell solutions bring that perfect gift from a stock shelf to your living room, so you can exit out of your online shopping cart with no concerns about delivery and go back to celebrating with your family.

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