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Honeywell Smart Building Score™ Debuts in China

Average Score of 82 for Region

China WHite PaperA survey of more than 1,000 building owners across China using the Honeywell Smart Building Score' shows that building managers need to take steps to improve energy efficiency as part of a country-wide trend towards greener and more connected facilities.

The survey marks the debut of the Honeywell Smart Building Score in China, a first-of-its-kind global tool that evaluates buildings based on their use of technologies that make buildings green, safe, and productive &endash; three key aspects of smart buildings. Buildings are scored on a scale up to 100. In China, the “smartness” of buildings is high, with an average score of 82.

Among the key findings of the survey:

• Compliance requirements drive high standards of safety and security in buildings, with an average score of 86 for that indicator.

‚Ä¢ The “greenness” of buildings in China scores the lowest among the three indicators, at an average of 74.

• The attention paid to user experience and the application of connectivity technologies will contribute to the building efficiency and productivity.

• Smartness is related to population density. Buildings with higher population density require higher efficiency of management and better security.

• City complex facilities perform slightly better than non-city complex, with high potential for further improvement in smartness.

• China's airports are leading the way with smart building technologies compared with other building verticals.

• Across the five regions, buildings in South and North China earn the highest scores, especially when it comes to safety.

Lydia Lu
Asia Pacific
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