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Honeywell Technology Powers New Clean Fuels Refinery in Pakistan

Honeywell technology and equipment is helping Pakistan Refinery Limited (PRL) increase its production of high-quality gasoline, helping meet growing domestic demand for clean transportation fuels.

PRL commissioned a new unit at its facility in Karachi, Pakistan, doubling its output of high-quality gasoline to 24,000 metric tons per month. The facility uses Honeywell UOP’s Penex™ process to produce isomerate, a high-value gasoline blending component, to produce environmentally-friendlier fuels with reduced emissions. Honeywell UOP delivered the Penex process unit in modular form to help ensure on-time delivery and faster start up. The site also uses control systems from Honeywell Process Solutions, a world leader in process automation.

“Delivering the Penex unit as modular equipment, rather than having it built in the field by third parties, means PRL got the unit faster and could be assured of high quality and compliance with strict product specifications,” said Mike Millard, vice president and general manager of Honeywell UOP’s Process Technology & Equipment business. “Combined with leading process and controls technology, PRL can quickly begin to meet growing regional needs for low-emission fuels.”

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