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Dave Cote Listed on Barron's List of Top 30 CEOs for Fourth Consecutive Year

Honeywell Chairman and CEO, Dave Cote, was named to Barron’s 2016 World’s Best CEO’s list for the fourth consecutive year.

Barron’s cites Cote’s “reshaping of an industrial stalwart for the digital age” as the impetus for being named again to their World’s Best CEOs list in 2016. The publication also mentions Honeywell’s evolution into a software company under Cote’s watch saying that he is “growing Honeywell‘s technology platform.” Honeywell spent $6 billion on acquisitions in 2015, all software-related, and employs 11,000 software engineers, or half of its engineering base.

Barron’s also credits Cote with laying the groundwork for creating an “Internet of Things” platform for the Company’s technologies, with Honeywell devices, equipment, and appliances networked in the cloud. As the article states, “Silicon Valley might run the cloud, but Honeywell makes the things.” That gives Honeywell a “huge leg up in what’s going to be a macro trend for the century.”

Cote joins 29 global leaders, including Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Walt Disney’s Robert Iger, Alphabet’s Larry Page, and Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffet on the annual list, which is created based on the views of Barron’s reporters and editors with insights from investors, analysts, and industry executives. Key criteria for consideration include financial soundness, employee motivation, innovative products, and maintaining consistent profit growth and shareholder gains. Barron’s 2016 Top CEOs list appeared on the cover of the March 19 issue.