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Don't Fall Behind On Home Maintenance When Springing Forward

Car owners know the importance of routine maintenance, like changing the oil every few thousand miles. Preventive maintenance on your home is just as important, but with the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to let routine home maintenance tasks fall by the wayside.

Here are a few simple household tasks to assess when daylight savings rolls around to help ensure your home runs efficiently and safely during spring and summer:

  • Check the Smoke Detectors: Fire safety is critical. Most smoke detectors alert you when the battery is low, but why take the risk? It only takes a few minutes to install new batteries to ensure a fire detector will function properly.
  • Install/Check Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Properly functioning carbon monoxide detectors can be just as important as smoke alarms. Ideally, CO detectors should be installed in each major area of your home: the kitchen, in your living/dining room and your bedrooms. It is especially important to have one near fuel burning appliances, such as a gas range.
  • Audit Your Air Conditioning system. Check for any leaks in windows or doors, and make sure vents are open and not blocked by furniture. Consider having your air conditioning unit or central air conditioning system serviced to prevent trouble later.
  • Examine Air Filters: Dust, pollen and pet dander can quickly build up in home ventilation systems. Now is a good time to check your system’s air filter and replace it to maintain good indoor air quality.

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