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Honeywell Helps Moms to Have Their Day

Honoring our mothers on a day dedicated just to them is a tradition that dates back to the ancient Greek celebrations of Rhea, the mother of the Olympian Gods.

Today, some form of the Mother's Day holiday is celebrated in virtually every country around the world. The United States first officially proclaimed the holiday to be the second Sunday in May; the United Kingdom celebrates it on the fourth Sunday in the Christian season of Lent; and Spain, by contrast, honors mothers on December 8.

No matter the day, the outpouring of cards and gifts expressing love and gratitude to these most special women in our lives can create an Olympian task for retailers, as well as courier and delivery services.

In the delivery business, where every second counts, Honeywell provides postal and courier technology to help businesses meet consumer demands.

Honeywell Helps Moms to Have Their Day

According to Hallmark, a whopping 95% of American consumers take part in shopping on Mother's Day, and retailers report it as the second-largest gift-giving day of the year, exceeded only by the annual Christmas holiday. The U.S. Postal Service dubs it as the third-largest card-sending day, after birthdays and Christmas. And for America's florists, no other day of the year can compare.”

The National Retail Federation anticipates Americans will spend $21.4 billion on Mother's Day gifts this year. More than 80% of Americans purchased a card for their moms, to the tune of nearly $800 million, and more than two-thirds purchased flowers for an additional $2.4 billion. Online merchants shared in the celebration too, as more than one-quarter of Americans showed their love for mom by buying gifts online.

To meet this outpouring of love and demand worldwide, companies prepare months in advance. Many even hire temp workers to handle the crush of delivery requirements. With such an overwhelming increase in orders and deliveries for the same weekend, businesses need all the right technologies in place to provide the logistics support and delivery excellence when timing is so critical.

Honeywell logistics and delivery technologies such as wireless and hands-free scanners can greatly help businesses successfully manage their Mother's Day delivery demands by creating an efficient and seamless experience through all steps of their collection and delivery: from item sorting and vehicle loading, to dispatch, delivery, and collections, to driver de-brief, and vehicle checks.

Honeywell Helps Moms to Have Their Day

And most importantly, it all comes down to what is known in the supply chain business as the last mile &endash; getting the gift to your mom's door despite so many variables, like traffic conditions, weather, or the sheer volume of deliveries scheduled.

It is at this stage that companies can incur nearly half of the logistics costs. Delivery drivers face a number of challenges such as incorrect addresses, hard to locate destinations, or no one at home to sign for the delivery. All of these can lead to higher costs for businesses as drivers lose precious time. At the same time, these delays can create an unpleasant delivery experience for consumers.

Honeywell mobile computers in the hands of delivery drivers can help to greatly lower cost and time by providing immediate, real-time, electronic proof of delivery or collection. Driver de-brief and vehicle check times are also dramatically reduced thanks to the many collection and automated delivery processes.

Even as we connect with our mothers on this special day, it often takes some connected technology to make it happen.

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