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Honeywell Partners with Rebuilding Together Baltimore in Turner Station, Dundalk, Maryland

Honeywell volunteers painted fences, porches and foundations and planted trees and bushes in Turner Station, the historic African-American community in Dundalk, Maryland, on April 30.

Honeywell Partners with Rebuilding Together Baltimore in Turner Station, Dundalk, Maryland

Working with Rebuilding Together Baltimore, the Turner Station Conservation Team and the Turner Station community, Honeywell volunteers spruced up 12 homes that were built in 1944 by Dr. Joseph Thomas, a successful physician and businessman. Improvements include a new fence, new paint on porches and foundations and new bushes and trees. The homes are a significant part of the historic Turner Station community as they were the first African-American owned housing development in the area. Refurbishing these homes helped revitalize a gateway to the Turner Station community.

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz toured the site, saying, “I am delighted that Rebuilding Together Baltimore, Honeywell and other volunteers have chosen to focus their generous gifts of time and energy to help our neighbors in the historic community of Turner Station.”

“Honeywell is proud to be working with Rebuilding Together (RT) Baltimore, RT's nearly 300 volunteers, and the historic African-American Turner Station community, to help families in a lasting and memorable way,” said John Morris, Director of Global Environmental Projects, Honeywell. “It is rewarding to demonstrate our commitment to this community by providing a helping hand to Turner Station and its leaders who selflessly work every day to revitalize their neighborhood for generations to come.”

For more than 100 years, creating safe, secure and comfortable environments &endash; from programmable thermostats to alarm systems &endash; has been a vital part of the Honeywell story.

Honeywell Partners with Rebuilding Together Baltimore in Turner Station, Dundalk, Maryland

In Baltimore, Honeywell was the Premier Corporate Sponsor of the 2016 Rebuilding Together Day. Honeywell Hometown Solutions, the company's global citizenship initiative, partners with Rebuilding Together®, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization, to help rebuild/refurbish homes, schools and community centers for those in need. A total of 300 volunteers representing numerous companies, organizations and community members improved 22 homes and planted trees, shrubs and flowers to beautify the Turner Station community during the National Rebuilding Day.

Since 2003, more than 15,500 Honeywell employees have volunteered their time to repair nearly 500 homes and non-profit centers in more than 42 Honeywell Hometown communities, bringing happiness and security to thousands of our neighbors.

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