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Introducing Digital Transformation: Honeywell Harnesses IIoT for More Reliable, Efficient and Safer Plant Operations

Honeywell Harnesses IIoT for More Reliable, Efficient and Safer Plant Operation
On any given day, an industrial plant can experience an outage that knocks it offline, resulting in millions of dollars lost per day. How can operators avoid this costly downtime? The answer is in the data.

Honeywell's newest business unit is now helping manufacturers harness the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to make their operations more reliable, more efficient and safer. Utilizing machine learning, big data, and automation technologies to create a system of systems that can accurately and consistently capture, analyze and transmit data, IIoT will lead to greater efficiency, sustainability and quality control across the entire supply chain.

The new Digital Transformation business, part of Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS), will build on Honeywell's position as one of the top automation and software suppliers in the world. It will create new ways for customers to better collect and analyze the tremendous amount of data created in their operations and turn that data into solutions to solve some of today's most challenging problems.

“Honeywell re-invented industrial process control with the advent of the modern automation control system, which revolutionized the way plants operated,” said Andrew Hird, who will lead the new business as vice president and general manager, Digital Transformation, Honeywell Process Solutions. “We are now leading the next revolution by offering unmatched IIoT expertise in hardware, data consolidation, diagnostics and value-added software.”

The ability to produce new unique sensing technologies and integrate stranded data with process data into Honeywell's Distributed Control Systems (DCS) is critical to solving more complex production issues. Honeywell's cybersecurity expertise is key in moving that data to an enterprise layer.

“The goal,” Hird said, “is a simple-to-use infrastructure that gives customers secure methods to capture and aggregate data. That data can be leveraged by using analytics and applying domain knowledge from a vast ecosystem of equipment vendors and process licensors‚Äîincluding Honeywell.”

With a larger, consolidated data set, manufacturers can apply higher analytics for more detailed insight, scale the data as needed to meet the varied needs of single-site or enterprise-wide operations and leverage a wider pool of data experts for monitoring and analysis. Ultimately, Digital Transformation will help customers eliminate unplanned shutdowns, maximize output, minimize safety risk and optimize supply chain strategies.

“IIoT tools help manufacturers solve currently unsolvable problems,” said Hird. “By utilizing enabling technologies like the cloud and leveraging corporate data, we can help our customers address challenges at the enterprise level.”

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