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Honeywell Chairman and CEO, Dave Cote, Discusses Honeywell's Software Position in The CEO Forum

Honeywell Chairman and CEO, Dave Cote, was recently featured in The CEO Forum magazine's quarterly issue in an interview with Robert Reiss. The interview originally aired on The CEO Show radio program on March 27, 2016. The CEO Forum is the quarterly Magazine of The CEO Show. Each issue features 10 exclusive CEO interviews from The CEO Show, making it the only magazine in America "by CEOs for CEOs."

Honeywell Chairman and CEO, Dave Cote, Discusses Honeywell's Software Position in The CEO Forum

In the interview, Cote emphasizes the importance of focusing on quality, whether it concerns products or how processes are designed. He states that you have to be thoughtful about how you embark on continuous improvement to make sure that you get the right results. Honeywell strives for continuous improvement by looking at advancements in the world and working to evolve along with it. Continuous improvement should be recognized as an evolution, not just a revolution where projects are completed and moved on from and it's important to focus on changes that are going to make a difference for the company and for the customer.

Cote also discusses the importance of software to the Company. He views digital disruption as a good thing and provides Honeywell opportunities to excel in domain knowledge. Software has become significant to Honeywell's portfolio as we see a shift in the world from digital-to-digital to digital-to-physical. Honeywell has 23,000 engineers, with half of those engineers developing software for simulation, product enablement, or as a business.

“That is why something like Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®) Maturity Level 5, which is a quality process for developing software, is so important,” said Cote. “Honeywell has a supreme position in software. We're the first large western company to achieve CMMI Maturity Level 5 across the board because we started about six or seven years ago. We are going to drive this across the company.”

Rob Ferris
Corporate and Financial Media Relations