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Don't Worry About Home When You're Away This Summer with the Lyric Home Security and Control System

With Memorial Day now in the rear view mirror, millions of Americans – 8 in 10 in fact – are looking ahead to their summer travel plans. From graduation season and the 4th of July through Labor Day, summer should be a great opportunity to get away, restore and relax, but there’s one worry that could get in your way - How can you be sure your home is safe and secure when you're not there?

Take the Worry Out of Summer Travel Season, with the Lyric Home Security and Control System

A recent study from Honeywell found that 9 in 10 Americans long for a connected device to automate and control features in their home when they’re out of town. In fact, more Americans (39%) worry about locking their doors than about packing essentials like toothbrushes, underwear or mobile phone chargers (36%), and one-third of Americans with a security system can’t even remember if they turned on the alarm before leaving. With Americans looking for tools to help simplify their lives, the Lyric product family offers a number of ways to be more connected and in control.

The Lyric Home Security and Control System was designed with all of these things in mind.

The easy-to-use, professionally-monitored and installed system takes the worry out of leaving home. With the power of Honeywell’s trained and trusted security partners watching over your home, you’re free to head out, but can still keep an eye on your home whenever and from wherever you like through the Total Connect app from Honeywell.

Whether you’re streaming video surveillance footage from the cloud, turning lights on or off, catching a would-be burglar, locking doors or closing window shades with connected locks and controls, the mobility and security provided to you through Lyric Security will put your mind at ease when you’re away from home this summer and always.

Take the Worry Out of Summer Travel Season, with the Lyric Home Security and Control System

There’s no better time for consumers to think about home safety and surveillance than before hitting the road this summer. So head out, relax and go enjoy your summer. Honeywell’s Lyric products have you and your home covered!

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