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Honeywell Introduces IIoT Analytics Platform Uniformance® Suite

Honeywell has released the Uniformance® Suite, a new analytics platform that enables users to turn plant data into actionable information for smart operations.

The suite provides a system of process software solutions for data capture, visualization, prediction and action. Utilizing a common asset model, it collects and stores all types of data, predicts and detects events based on analysis of underlying patterns and links process metrics with key performance indicators (KPI).
The result is a fully integrated dashboard that combines the Industrial Internet of Things ( IIoT ), mobility, cloud and big data to provide Honeywell's customers with a seamless base from which to leverage all forms of analytics.
“The Uniformance Suite is Honeywell's analytics platform for digital intelligence and a big part of our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) strategy,” said Ali Raza, vice president of Honeywell Process Solutions' Advanced Solutions business. “The software suite provides powerful data analytics capabilities to enable customers to capture the data they need, visualize trends, collaborate with other users and act to make informed business decisions.”To address specific needs within the process industries, the Uniformance Suite combines new solutions with proven Honeywell products, including:‚Ä¢ Uniformance® PHD: To capture and store relevant real-time process and event data
‚Ä¢ Uniformance® Asset Sentinel: To detect and predict risks and opportunities with asset-centric advanced analytics
‚Ä¢ Uniformance® KPI: To connect process intelligence to critical business decision-making
‚Ä¢ Uniformance® Insight: To visualize information in an asset-centric context and apply powerful analytics“Our customers are challenged to drive a culture of safety, reliability, efficiency and agility in their organizations, more so now than ever before,” said Raza. “They need access and visibility to real-time performance against business metrics. The Uniformance Suite software solutions are designed to work in unison to give businesses the ability to put their data to work.”The Uniformance Suite was one of the key technologies showcased at the recent Honeywell Users Group conference in San Antonio. More than one thousand people gathered to discuss IIoT's tremendous potential to solve the toughest challenges facing manufacturers today. Honeywell's IIoT portfolio of technologies is helping manufacturers utilize data to operate their plants more safely and efficiently and reduce unplanned downtime by building IIoT ecosystems that leverage data, advanced analytics and deep domain knowledge.

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