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Science Made Simple This Summer in India

From May 11 through May 26 in 2016, volunteers from Honeywell Technology Solutions (HTS) Bangalore site leveraged their strength in math and science and supported a kid's summer camp organized by the Kodathi Government School to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds to improve their academic studies. Honeywell technologists spent 145 volunteering hours delivering four teaching sessions and three field trips to the group of 40 students at the summer camp.

The summer camp support program is one of HTS India's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to contribute to the development of the local community, especially in Science and Technology Education and Math (STEM), one of the 5 Honeywell Hometown Solutions (HHS) pillars. Students aged between seven to fourteen at this camp were having academic challenges especially in math and science. Our volunteers diligently researched relevant materials and designed a curriculum and interactive activities using experiential methods to boost students' curiosity and enthusiasm in the learning field.

Volunteers designed the program with virtual bazaars to help students with basic multiplication of numbers, balloon games to show concepts about aerodynamics, paper-making workshop to observe applications of science in real life. The program concluded with a field trip to HTS India's Orion campus for all 40 students to experience the Exciting World of Flying: watching a video on what makes things fly, followed by a demo of how a quadcopter works, a chance to “test fly” on the flight simulator, making origami airplanes and a photo stand to display what they had achieved from the trip at HTS India campus.

The camp organizers appreciated HTS volunteers' efforts very much and hoped to continue this initiative to engage more students in the learning of science and math: “Children are thrilled from such a unique experience with Honeywell and we could see them processing the world a little differently now. These are the kind of engagements that could change their life.”

“Working as a volunteer for Honeywell's CSR activity helped me connect back to my roots, and the interest the kids showed in learning small concepts was overwhelming. I will cherish those moments forever,” commented Ramesh Chandra,
Quality Lead, Honeywell Enterprise IT and volunteer for the program. Volunteers will leverage their science and technology expertise to carry on more STEM education initiatives to benefit local community.
Volunteers teaching at the summer camp actively

Honeywell India engineers playing a documentary on flying and showcasing a quadcopter to the students

Madhavi Jha