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8 Flying Facts You (Probably) Never Knew

The firstin a series of articles exploring Honeywell technology in facts, figures anddata points, this feature looks at aviation, and some of the mind-bendingstatistics that can be found within Honeywell’s aerospace and airportstechnology portfolio.

Honeywell’sheritage in aviation goes back more than a century, and today the company’ssafety, efficiency and performance technologies can be found at more than 500 airportsaround the world and in almost every commercial, business and military aircraftin the sky.

In theairport, Honeywell’s baggage scanning and tracking systems help ensure the flowof baggage continues seamlessly, while its CCTV, access control and heating,ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and lighting systems help keep passengerssafe, cool and comfortable as they travel through the terminal. Honeywell’s building management system integrates complex data from these differentsubsystems in a unique interface for operations and for incident managementsystems.

On thetarmac, Honeywell’s innovative “Follow the Greens” technology is improving tarmactraffic flow, reducing congestion and delays and increasing capacity, by makingit easier and faster for pilots to maneuver to and from the gate.

And on theaircraft Honeywell’s hardware and software systems, which span the cockpit to thetailcone, help pilots fly safer, more fuel efficient flights, while its satellite connectivity systems provide faster, seamlessand more reliable in-flight Wi-Fi at 40,000ft, virtually anywhere in the world.

Evenseasoned air travelers probably won’t be able to spot Honeywell technology atwork, but it’s good to know that from the moment you walk into the terminal tothe moment you collect your bags at your destination,
Honeywell’s technologies are working to make your flight safer, faster, easier and morecomfortable.
8 Facts About Flying You (Probably) Never Knew
Jet Stream
Every day aircraft around the world transmit 65TB of data via Honeywell satellite communication systems. This is the equivalent of 21,000 HD movies per day. By 2025, the amount of transmitted data will rise to more than 12,000TB. That’s a lot of data!
8 Facts About Flying You (Probably) Never Knew On the Right Heading
Honeywell Ring Laser Gyros, which are used in aircraft navigation systems, have together racked up more than 13 billion flight hours. That’s the equivalent of 540 million return flights from Phoenix to London.
8 Facts About Flying You (Probably) Never Knew Good Memory
At one major Middle East airport, Honeywell’s Building Management System simultaneously holds information on 50,000 access cards, manages 20 different access levels and handles 7,500 control points, including more than 400 doors, and 800 CCTV cameras.
8 Facts About Flying You (Probably) Never Knew Out of This World Reliability
Honeywell’s Reaction Wheel Assemblies, which are used by space satellites to maintain stability, have amassed 65 million hours in space since their introduction 45 years ago – they have never failed while in orbit.
8 Facts About Flying You (Probably) Never Knew Bright Engineering
Dubai International Airport features one of the world’s first LED airfield lighting systems. In just 80 days Honeywell installed 8,200 LED lights and 1,300km of cabling at the airport – equivalent to the distance between London and Madrid.
8 Facts About Flying You (Probably) Never Knew Thirsty Work
During take-off a Boeing 737 airliner equipped with Honeywell fuel controls burns enough fuel to fill the tank of a typical family car every 12 seconds.

APU Powerful Production
Since 1948, Honeywell has produced more than 90,000 Auxiliary Power Units, used to power the aircraft while on the ground. That’s almost 4 a day for the past 68 years!

8 Facts About Flying You (Probably) Never Knew

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