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Honeywell Honored As "Heroes of Chemistry"

Transportation industries are working hard to meet the demands of a global population that is traveling more than ever before. One particular challenge is minimizing the environmental impact of increased travel without affecting performance or cost.

Two Honeywell research teams were recognized this week for developing solutions that help solve this challenge. Each received a prestigious “ Heroes of Chemistry” award from the American Chemical Society, the largest scientific organization in the world. The award recognizes industrial chemical scientists whose innovation and development of commercial products have improved human welfare. There were four recipients of the award this year, of which two were from Honeywell.

Honeywell received two “Heroes of Chemistry” awards from the world's largest scientific organization.
The awards were given to teams from Honeywell Fluorine Products and Honeywell UOP.
World's Largest Scientific Society Awards Honeywell Twice for Transportation Technologies World's Largest Scientific Society Awards Honeywell Twice for Transportation Technologies
Honeywell Fluorine Products winners (left to right) :
Donna Nelson (President- American Chemical Society), Amy Jones, Ron Vogl,
Bob Richard, Harry Tung, Rajiv Singh, Hang Pham

Honeywell UOP winners (left to right) : Donna Nelson (President- American Chemical Society),
Stan Frey, Don Eizenga, Sunny Nguyen, Chad Cavan, Dan Ellig, Randy Williams, Mike McCall
(Not pictured: Ralph Davis, Jim Wexler)

Honeywell Honored As 'Heroes of Chemistry' For Transportation TechnologiesHoneywell Fluorine Products received one award for the development of HFO-1234yf, known commercially as Solstice yf, a refrigerant that is used in the air conditioning systems of cars and light trucks. With global environmental regulations phasing out the use of previous generation refrigerants with high global-warming-potential (GWP), Solstice yf not only complies with regulations by having a GWP that is 99.9 percent lower than the current, most widely used refrigerant, but it is also a near-drop in replacement. Automakers can expect similar or better performance without incurring retrofitting costs.

Solstice yf is currently being used in 120 car models in 11 countries around the world. That works out to more than 9 million vehicles and that number is expected to surpass 18 million by the end of 2016 as more carmakers work to meet regulatory requirements. Worldwide adoption of Solstice yf would reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing more than 30 million cars from the roads.

World's Largest Scientific Society Awards Honeywell Twice for Transportation Technologies

Honeywell UOP received an award as well for developing the UOP Renewable Jet Fuel Process, which produces Honeywell Green Jet Fuel. The technology powering this extremely versatile process enables manufacturers to meet regulations for renewable energy content in the transportation fuels sector.

At the same time, they can produce green jet fuel and diesel from a range of sustainable, renewable feedstocks such as inedible animal fats and oils that do not deplete or interfere with valuable food, land or water resources. As with Solstice yf, the UOP Renewable Jet Fuel Process does not require modifications to existing equipment or technology. It can be used to produce fuels not only for aviation, but also for marine and road transportation.

The fuel process is currently being used by AltAir Paramount LLC to produce fuel for United Airlines' regular commercial service. On a lifecycle basis, Honeywell Green Jet Fuel can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 65 to 85 percent compared with petroleum-based fuels, and it is a drop-in replacement fuel that requires no changes to aircraft technology or fuel infrastructure.

Honeywell has more than 125 years of experience creating industry-leading, energy-efficient technologies for homes, buildings, factories and transportation. Today, nearly 50 percent of Honeywell's portfolio is dedicated to energy-efficient products and services, ranging from programmable thermostats and energy management systems, to turbochargers, refrigerants and green fuels.

Josh Byerly
Performance Materials and Technologies