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Honeywell 2016 Aero Star Recognizes Top Student Engineers

The Honeywell 2016 Aero Star Innovation Contest recognized four undergraduate students from three top Chinese universities who received the award from Honeywell global and China leaders. The winning students were also given an interview pass that allows them to automatically proceed to the second round of interviews when they apply for Honeywell positions in the future.

Launched in 2015, the annual contest aims to attract and develop engineering and technology talent in aviation from China's top universities. Students choose from a range of aviation topics selected by Honeywell senior engineers and present their innovation proposals to compete for three award categories - Best Innovation Idea, Best Achievement and Best Demo Work.

This year, the winning proposals for Best Innovation and Best Achievement came from the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology category. Both proposals applied the latest UAV technologies, such as pixhawk flight controls, global positioning systems (GPS) and mems sensors, to design and demonstrate UAV navigation via optical flow sensor and geographic map generation. The award for Best Demo Work went to a proposal on integrated dispatching and management systems for airport handling. The winning team designed and implemented a prototype system to effectively monitor and schedule the ground vehicles and service personnel to significantly increase the capacity and safety level of airport operations.

“I'm delighted to meet these brilliant students, the future leaders of the aviation industry, and I look forward to seeing what they will do. For them, only sky's the limit!” said Jun Xu, Honeywell Technology Solutions (HTS) engineering and technology leader for Aerospace China.

While developing and presenting their proposals, students had the opportunity to engage in round table discussions with Honeywell aviation engineers about the opportunities for the industry today and in the future. Vice President and General Manager of HTS China Wesley Luo told the group, “Keep exploring your interests. They will guide you the right way for your career. The aviation industry is a long-term business, and you will need to be both dedicated and patient.”

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