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Honeywells Evohome System Named Best Smart Heating System in UK

Honeywell's evohome intelligent home heating system has been named the Best IoT Smart Heating System in the UK for 2016, according to an article published recently by PC Advisor, a leading UK technology publication. Rated at four (out of five) stars, the publication said Honeywell's “evohome is the best smart heating system we've tested.”

Honeywell's evohome uses Smart Zoning and gives the homeowner the ability to heat just the portion of the home that they are using, versus the whole house all the time. Upgrading the basic timer and a thermostat control to evohome smart zoning can deliver up to 40% savings on heating your home in the UK with similar results across Europe 1.

For more information on the innovative system, as well as Honeywell's other connected comfort and security systems, visit Honeywell Get Connected.

[1] Source ESRU 2013 & TACMA 2013 - Energy savings quoted were calculated using a three bedroom, two level home, located in the UK, modelling a family of four over a typical weeks activity, comparing a evohome smart zoning system to a system comprising of a simple timer, single non-programmable room thermostat and no thermostatic radiator valves. Individual energy savings gained are dependent upon existing controls, environment and lifestyle.

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