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Helping Turkey Meet Rising Fuel Demand

Honeywell provides technologies and upgrades for Tüpraş refineries as part of multi-year agreement.
Turkey's largest oil refinery Izmit is using two Honeywell technologies to meet domestic demand for transportation fuel. Izmit is part of Tüpraş, the country's largest industrial company. It produces 40 percent of Turkey's domestic supply of petroleum products.

At Izmit, Honeywell UOP's Unicracking' processing technology will be used to produce 75,000 barrels per day of fuel products, including aviation and diesel fuel. Unicracking technology can increase diesel production by up to 7 percent. Izmit also utilizes automation and control technology from Honeywell, and two other Tüpraş refineries will upgrade controls with Honeywell part of a five-year agreement to improve operations and reduce maintenance costs.

“Honeywell has provided process automation technologies to T√ºpra≈ü refineries for several decades, helping to build Turkey's domestic oil industry,” said Orhan Genis, president of Honeywell in Turkey and Central Asia. “This project is another significant milestone in this strategic relationship between our companies.”

Turkey currently imports diesel, and Honeywell estimates that diesel consumption is growing by 2.5 percent per year. Honeywell's technologies enable refiners like Tüpraş to improve fuel production while reducing energy and hydrogen consumption, and other costs compared to competing technologies, according to Mike Millard, vice president and general manager, Process Technology and Equipment at Honeywell UOP.

Honeywell has licensed more than 200 Unicracking units in more than 40 countries.

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