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Gear up for National Hunting and Fishing Day!

With Autumn around the corner, outdoor enthusiasts are looking forward to a new hunting season. Saturday, September 24 marks National Hunting and Fishing Day, which celebrates the millions of outdoor enthusiasts who hunt, fish and support wildlife conservation. This year, The Original Muck Boot Company, XTRATUF Boots, and Howard Leight by Honeywell offer new gear that will have hunters and anglers covered from head to toe.

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps

The Pursuit Shadow Pull-On is the next generation in Muck Boot's Pursuit Hunting Collection. This premium lightweight hunting boot features a resilient outsole for stability while a rubber and EVA 3D printed upper provides additional support. Comfort rated to 40 degrees below zero, the Pursuit Shadow Pull-On offers the protection and performance needed to move quickly and comfortably over the most rugged terrain.

Show your true colors

Women are increasingly joining the ranks of hunters. To meet their needs, The Original Muck Boot Company has expanded its collection of hunting boots, specifically designed to fit a woman's foot. The Girls with Guns Arctic Hunter women's hunting boot is built to provide elite performance on tough terrain. With an outsole designed for enhanced traction and an insulation package to keep feet warm down to 40 below zero, this boot delivers the ultimate in field comfort. Available in tall- and mid-height sizes, and in full Mossy Oak® Break Up Country Camo with subtle pops of color.

Hear the call of the wild

Some hunters choose to forgo hearing protection, because they think it will hinder their ability to hear approaching prey. However, the Impact Sport electronic earmuffs from Honeywell's Howard Leight allow you to hear approaching animals at a higher decibel ‚Äî they actually amplify low level sounds, just as they block hazardous ones. Available in several colors, including Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity®, the Impact Sport is the ideal hearing protection solution for those looking to blend in with their surroundings. Plus, the Impact Sport connects to any MP3 player or smartphone via the built-in AUX jack, so hunters and shooters can listen to music in between shots, and the slim ear cup design prevents gunstock scratching.

Reel it in

National Hunting and Fishing DayThe XTRATUF Performance Ankle Deck Boot was designed specifically for sport fishermen. This 100% waterproof boot features a lightweight design with a slip-resistant outsole to keep anglers sure-footed no matter what the seas throws at them. An XpressCool' lining keeps feet cool in warmer weather. The Performance Deck Boots are available in ankle- and mid-height sizes, and in chocolate/tan, gray/yellow and navy/red color combinations.

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