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Honeywell Helps China Enhance Emergency Rescue Capabilities

China's State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) has invited Honeywell to join the country's annual National Emergency Rescue Competition for Chemicals in Daqing, a petrochemical industrial hub in Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province.

Improving emergency rescue capabilities has become one of the top safety priorities for the Chinese government since the disastrous blast in a hazardous chemical warehouse in the northern port city of Tianjin last August. SAWS has earmarked RMB $8 billion ($1.2 billion USD) per year to build up 11 emergency rescue drill fields for chemicals and to purchase emergency rescue technology and equipment in the coming two years.

Honeywell showcased its latest personal protection equipment and gas detector technologies at the competition. The competition, which includes seminars, drills and exhibitions, aims to improve the country's emergency rescue abilities through showcasing most advanced technologies and exchanging best practices and experience.

Invited by Darius Adamczyk, Honeywell President and COO, during his visit to China in May, a SAWS delegation visited Honeywell's Asia Pacific headquarters and R&D center in Shanghai.

During that visit, SAWS delegation was introduced to a number of the latest solutions from Honeywell Industrial Safety (HIS), which include “ Photoionization Detection (PID)” air detection technology, the new generation of “ AreaRAE2, Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK)” air detection and the “ Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)” intelligent monitoring system.

“Integrated Protective Solution (IPS)” and “Safety Manager” safety instrumented system from Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) also attracted SAWS delegation's interest. IPS is a holistic approach to deliver in-depth defense by integrating the safety protective technologies located on different protection layers therefore to better protect people, environment and assets. “Safety Manager” is a safety instrumented system based on the diagnostic technology. Its safety functionalities enable the delivery of emergency shutdown system, fire & gas and burner management system services in a harsh environment.

SAWS and Honeywell has agreed to work on a strategic partnership. The agreement, which is expected to be signed later this year, will join both parties' efforts to address the challenges and demands of China's work safety market, according to Dr. Dan Sun, Honeywell's Asia Pacific Vice President of Government Relations.

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