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Honeywell Low-Global-Warming-Materials Made Available in Roofing Repair Kits

ICP Adhesives & Sealants, Inc. has become the first company to replace its hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) blowing agents used to create foam insulation in roof repair kits with Honeywell’s Solstice® Gas Blowing Agent (GBA) to comply with upcoming environmental regulations and help conserve energy in homes and buildings.

The decision to use Solstice GBA for its line of roof repair kits puts users well ahead of schedule in complying with the environmental regulations that call for a phasedown of HFC blowing agents due to their high global-warming-potential (GWP). Solstice GBA has a GWP that is more than 99.9 percent lower than its counterparts and also lower than carbon dioxide. It is nonflammable and is listed as a suitable alternative under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program.

“We are proud to be making a change that not only improves the performance of our products, but positively impacts the world,” said Stefan Gantenbein, president of ICP Adhesives & Sealants, Inc. “These innovative repair kits using Solstice GBA demonstrate our ‘Three-Point Product Pledge’ to provide products that exceed expectations, improve the contractor’s experience and contribute to a better environment.”

The roof repair kits are portable, providing building contractors and repairmen with a quick solution to fix a variety of roof issues. They provide high density and compressive strength on par with previous versions that contained HFC blowing agents, so users can expect the same performance with lower environmental impact.

“ICP’s conversion to Solstice GBA is a significant milestone in the global adoption of Honeywell’s low-GWP product platform,” said Laura Reinhard, Honeywell global business manager for spray foam. "Solstice® Liquid Blowing Agent has become the product of choice for high-pressure spray foam systems. Similarly, today’s launch by ICP demonstrates Solstice GBA’s comparable advantages for low-pressure foam applications.”
Josh Byerly
Performance Materials and Technologies