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Inventors Honored at Honeywell Inventors Recognition Event

Honeywell Technology Solutions (HTS) recently hosted its first Inventor's Night program in Bengaluru, India where 1 6 inventors with five granted patents and two inventors with more than 10 granted patents received recognized by Honeywell leaders. As part of the newly established HTS Intellectual Property recognition program, the event gathered more than 250 India-based inventors to celebrate their innovative work and achievements.
“This is a really good platform for inventors to connect,” expressed Swapnil Patil along with Mohammed Ibrahim, both holding more than 10 granted patents. “It is a long road from ideation to patent grant notification. Yet it's fulfilling to be an inventor that your achievement not only enables Company growth, but also makes a difference in people's lives.”

Mehul Patel, Chief Technology Officer, Home and Building Technologies also encouraged the inventors to connect and reach out. “The way you think, the way you approach the problem, you need to teach that to the rest of the organization and expand the invention and innovation force," he said.

Scott Zhang, President of HTS, shared his memory at Honeywell UOP's inventor's event and how the invention recognition made an impact on his career. While honoring the inventors from HTS India, Scott encouraged the team to “Think big, embrace the transformation, and stay ahead as an innovation leader.”

The HTS intellectual property recognition program was launched in April 2016 to recognize inventors who have been granted patents or have reached multiple patent milestones.

Madhavi Jha