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Meet the Woman That's Changing Aviation as You Know It

She's a pilot. She's a leader. Let's face it, this woman's just what the aviation industry needs. Meet Kiah Erlich, a Honeywell employee that's following her passion for aviation, and making major advancements for in-flight services along the way.

As a pilot and aviation geek, Kiah has devoted her entire life to aviation. Kiah's love for engineering began when she was a little girl, and she'd spend hours with her father in the garage learning how to solder wires, tinker with tools and fix broken things. One day while attending her first airshow and sitting in the shade under the wing of a Lockheed C-121 Constellation, she developed a thirst for aviation that could only be quenched by taking flight.

After following the engineering track in high school and participating in clubs like Civil Air Patrol Air Force Auxiliary, Kiah went on to receive a bachelor's degree in aviation management business administration from Auburn University in Alabama. Later, she received an MBA in aviation from the world's largest, fully accredited university specializing in aviation and aerospace, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Kiah is the director of flight support services at Honeywell Aerospace, and at 26 years old she's already poised to make major advancements in the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). She not only improves fuel, communication, connectivity and weather services for pilots, she also inspires other women to follow their passions and pursue careers in STEM.

In her current role at Honeywell, Kiah oversees the services that are incorporated into planes and cockpits. This includes flight planning, cockpit connectivity, as well as fuel efficiency, weather and airline services. Her day-to-day is fueled by her passion to create a more connected aircraft so pilots can fly safely and efficiently.

Of course, Kiah is working alongside other talented engineers and software developers to transform aviation technology together. At the core of this transformation is software, which is making it possible to incorporate technologies into cockpits faster than ever. With this approach, Kiah and her team can easily deliver software updates to continuously improve services and make flight experiences better for pilots and travelers worldwide.

As an experienced pilot, Kiah can offer a unique perspective to the services she helps develop because she understands the challenges pilots face and has the technical background to make flying easier and safer. Oftentimes, she's one of the first pilots to test the products that she has helped create to see how they work in practice.

In her role, Kiah hopes to not only make major changes in the aviation industry, she also hopes to inspire a new generation of women in STEM. As a leader in a male-dominated field, Kiah serves as a mentor and role model for women who have a passion for technology and aviation.

As Kiah has said, “Chase your dreams full throttle and never let a little turbulence slow you down. You're likely going to have to work for a long time, so pick something you enjoy and give it all you've got!”

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