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New Honeywell Software Boosts Supply Chain Efficiency

Honeywell has launched Symphonite', a portfolio of supply chain and production management software services designed to boost supply chain criteria like reliability, responsiveness, agility and efficiency. The portfolio encompasses technologies and products to provide an end-to-end solution for a range of manufacturing industries including oil and gas, mining and metals.

An inefficient supply chain can translate to significantly higher costs for a company in both its back-end and front-end operations. Symphonite improves every link in a company's supply chain, including production management, planning, shipping, production accounting and reconciliation, to help drive better business decisions.

“Businesses are only as good as their weakest link,” said Mike Brown, global director for Advanced Solutions, Honeywell Process Solutions. “With pressure on prices and significant market volatility, the Symphonite portfolio of solutions helps facilitate better decisions across feed supply, production and sales, based on current market conditions and users' unique production and supply chain set-up.”

Manufacturers can face numerous supply chain and production challenges in volatile markets where operations and resources constantly change. Symphonite provides solutions for many of these challenges by covering key supply chain processes like integrated and production planning, crude assay management, and supply and demand balances, as well as covering key production management processes such as shipment lifecycle, downtime analysis and material tracking.

“From corporate level commercial optimization to post-execution reconciliation and analysis, Symphonite offers a comprehensive scalable solution that will help users cut costs and increase profits across the business,” said Brown.

Don Empie
Honeywell Process Solutions
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