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Honeywell helps college become a greener campus

Honeywell was recently selected by the University of Mount Olive, North Carolina in an effort to help the private college become a greener campus, while reducing their energy and operating costs in the process. A global leader in energy services, Honeywell works with primary and collegiate educational institutions to help identify areas where they can conserve energy, leverage renewable energy sources and optimize building operations to create significant cost savings each year.

As a result of Honeywell’s energy assessment, the private university will save an estimated $145,000 annually for a total of more than $1.5 million over a ten-year period. Sustainability projects and campus upgrades will include replacing HVAC equipment in housing facilities with new energy efficient options, installing new hot water systems, upgrading academic and administrative buildings with advanced lighting systems, installing a new computer power management system, and fitting water retrofits for toilets, flush valves and sink fixtures all over campus, among other improvements.

“Sustainability is increasingly becoming an important decision factor for prospective students as they evaluate colleges and universities,” said University of Mount Olive President Philip P. Kerstetter. “The knowledge they gain throughout their K-12 schooling has set an expectation of how campuses should be operating. We want to do our part to show our students and our community that we are financially and environmentally responsible.”

Work on the energy efficiency improvements at the University of Mount Olive has already begun and is expected to be complete the summer of 2017.

Jessie Timmerman
Building Technologies
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