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Honeywell Spectra Shield® and Gold Shield® Used for U.S. Military Body Armor

Honeywell's Spectra Shield® and Gold Shield® ballistic composite materials are being used by KDH Defense Systems to create new soft armor vest systems as part of the U.S. Military's Soldier Protection System (SPS).

The SPS aims to provide an overall weight reduction of 10 percent to soldiers' body armor. It is comprised of five subsystems, one of which is the Torso and Extremity Protection (TEP) subsystem. KDH Defense Systems will combine Spectra Shield and Gold Shield with its own ballistic designs to produce several TEP products.

“The key to reducing body armor weight is combining state-of-the-art ballistic designs like KDH Modular Scalable Vests with next-generation materials like Honeywell Shield,” said Dave Herbener, president and CEO, KDH Defense Systems. “We are committed to leveraging the most innovative technologies to help protect the brave men and women serving in the U.S. military.”

A U.S. Military Human Factors Evaluation found that soldiers preferred armor made with Spectra Shield and Gold Shield products. These armor systems demonstrated improved flexibility and reduced weight, compared to systems predominantly made with aramid.

Honeywell's Spectra Shield technology is a patented process that optimizes the ballistic performance of Spectra® fibers. Spectra Shield and Gold Shield products have been widely adopted and proven for the most advanced armor applications globally, from bullet-resistant vests, breast plates and helmets to combat vehicles and military aircraft‚Äîall of which require lightweight solutions and superior performance.

“The next generation of soft body armor uses Spectra fiber instead of aramid fiber for optimal performance and protection,” said Lin Murray, armor program manager for military and law enforcement at Honeywell Packaging and Composites. “Our collaboration with innovative companies like KDH Defense Systems ensures that the U.S. military and law enforcement have the most advanced ballistic protection available.”

Josh Byerly
Performance Materials and Technologies