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Helping Researchers Move at the Speed of Discovery

Honeywell's new Research Chemicals business builds on more than 200 years of industry experience

In recent years, there have been extensive changes in the ways that advanced research is conducted, particularly in the life science and pharmaceutical markets. Growing public awareness of and interest in these industries—and their applications in everyday life—have created an ever-increasing demand for fast, accurate, consistent, and high-quality research. This requires a solid and reliable supply chain of the chemicals that are needed for that research.

Companies that supply these materials must act as partners with advanced researchers, providing innovative supply chain solutions that are tailor-made to researchers’ exact specifications. To that end, Honeywell has launched Research Chemicals, a new business designed to help advanced researchers in the analytical testing, drug discovery and applied materials sectors.

Honeywell Research Chemicals will now include several brands and solvent and inorganic chemical products that were acquired from Sigma-Aldrich in December 2015. These products will be available across four product portfolios, and can be purchased via a new ecommerce website designed to help lab managers quickly and easily manage their inventories.

Solvents and inorganic chemical products are the “salt and pepper” of advanced research. Their quality and consistency determines the speed and accuracy of research results. This in turn influences how end products—such as drugs and fuel—are formulated from those results, and how fast they can be released on the market, returning initial investments. Will the end product be a filet mignon—or a piece of cardboard?

Research Chemicals differs from other chemical businesses by offering small-scale customization of catalogue products. Often, when researchers enter the R&D phase of their work and must scale up their research, they must buy chemicals in bulk (costing millions of dollars) in order to obtain the customization they need. With Honeywell, they can get that level of customization even with small-scale purchases of single products—which can make a big difference for researchers on smaller budgets.

“Our customers are looking for a supplier that can be trusted to be with them through every step of the research process, from small-scale to development to production,” said Arnaud Verhaeghe, general manager of Honeywell Research Chemicals. “Honeywell has the ability to not only provide catalogue products that meet and exceed expectations, but also to provide exceptional customization in terms of product specifications, quantity and delivery that assures customers they always come first.”

This customized approach reflects the changing nature of the research industry itself, where speed-to-market and supply chain costs can have tremendous impact on research projects that cost millions of dollars. Having a supplier that can act as a research partner in providing customized solutions helps ensure that researchers stay ahead of the curve.

Honeywell Research Chemicals brings more than 200 years of industry expertise and experience to the research and chemicals markets, from when German chemist Johann Daniel Riedel started production of pharmaceuticals in Berlin. The business will be headquartered in Seelze near Hanover, Germany, and provide high-quality products from both Seelze and Muskegon Michihan, home of Burdick & Jackson.

Josh Byerly
Performance Materials and Technologies