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Honeywell Employees Honored by The Society of Women Engineers

Honeywell employees Robert H. Smith, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Honeywell Aerospace; Marla Peterson, Senior Technical Manager, Production Support, Honeywell Aerospace; and Christina Jackson, Program Manager, Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions were honored by The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at its annual conference in Philadelphia in October. The conference gathered more than 9,000 professional and collegiate men and women for educational sessions, interview opportunities and networking.

Honeywell has an ongoing and strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. The Company believes that a diverse workforce creates more and new opportunities and leads to more effective decision making.

SWERobert H. Smith was honored with the Rodney D. Chipp Memorial, which celebrates the work of a man or company who has made a significant contribution to the acceptance and advancement of women in engineering. Smith leads a global workforce of more than 12,000 engineers and scientists focused on developing and applying technologies that improve the safety, efficiency and comfort of commercial flight; help military and homeland security forces accomplish their most challenging missions; and enable humankind to explore the frontiers of space. Diversity and inclusion have been front-burner issues for him for many years. “It became apparent to me early in my career that women and minorities were significantly underrepresented in technical disciplines,” he said. “It is gratifying to see more diversity in the engineering ranks and especially, in engineering-school enrollments. But it is very clear to me that we need to open the throttle even further to ensure that we are developing and nurturing the engineering talent that we need so badly &endash; here at Honeywell, across the aerospace industry and throughout society.”

SWEMarla Peterson received the Advocating Women in Engineering Award, which honors individuals who have demonstrated professional excellence in their chosen STEM fields and have proven to be an advocate of women in engineering and SWE's objectives. Throughout her 33-year career, Peterson has served in numerous technical and leadership roles. Currently, she is the Senior Technical Manager in Production Support Engineering Operation Excellence, a unit that resolves or prevents producibility issues. Peterson is a founding member of a Diversity and Inclusion Council at Honeywell Aerospace Engineering & Technology which is driving awareness, leadership accountability, and employee engagement towards collective understanding that a diverse workforce representing different backgrounds and experiences generates new and better ideas and innovations faster and more effectively resulting in better business outcomes.

SWEChristina Jackson was named by SWE as an Emerging Leader, an award which honors individuals who have been actively engaged in an engineering or technology profession, and have demonstrated outstanding technical excellence and achieved significant accomplishments. Jackson received the award for managing a global Honeywell UOP team of structural, mechanical, and quality engineers who provide proposal assistance and detailed engineering for Callidus UOP. She also is a Six Sigma Black Belt and has mentored and certified 50 Honeywell employees to achieve the same. Jackson's strong suit as a leader is to leverage the talent and strengths of her team members to get results that are better than individuals working alone. This teamwork mentality allows her to lead without demanding; each team member wants to excel at their part because they're working to their strengths. Jackson recently became Program Manager for the integration of Intelligrated into Honeywell's new Strategic Business Group, Safety and Productivity Solutions.

“The men and women acknowledged in this year's awards program have made a significant impact on their community as well as the engineering and technology profession as a whole,” said Jessica Rannow, president of SWE. “Leaders such as these individuals are what make it possible to remain a catalyst for change as we work together to empower women in STEM and close the gender gap in engineering.

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