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Honeywell Technology Helps U.S. Postal Service Track Packages

As holiday shoppers start filling their online shopping carts, the U.S. Postal Service is preparing to handle 750 million packages. To successfully deliver these parcels, many from e-commerce shopping, the USPS implemented an internal program called Surface Visibility, which is designed to better track packages across the country.

The USPS turned to Honeywell technology to expand this parcel tracking network and enhance pickup, sorting and delivery operations. USPS is deploying more than 5,000 Honeywell handheld computers to postal workers.

Honeywell’s CN51 rugged handheld computers, designed for rugged, outdoor environments, allow workers at processing locations as well as drivers to scan and capture data about incoming and outgoing parcels, providing the USPS with greater visibility into where parcels are in its system.

“As consumers continue to expect fast, accurate delivery, the Postal Service needs to know the exact location of all of its parcels throughout the entire mail process,” said Lisa London, president of Honeywell’s Productivity Products business. “By incorporating Honeywell’s mobile computing and scanning technology, the USPS gains better visibility into its operational performance and can use that data to make more informed decisions to improve customer service.”

Honeywell has a legacy of supporting the USPS with mobile technology. In 2014, the USPS deployed more than 270,000 Honeywell mobile computers to its postal delivery workers as part of a separate customer-facing program designed to help people track their mail and packages.

The USPS honored Honeywell with a Supplier Excellence Award based on the collaboration and teamwork for the 2014 program.

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