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Honeywell Puts Building Controls in Occupants' Hands

Imagine if with the tap of a finger on your smartphone you could point out that your work space is too hot or too cold? What if your phone could grant you building access, eliminating the need for your plastic badge with that outdated photo from when you first joined your company?

Building occupants long have grappled with who to call when their work area is too cold, or how to enter their office when they forget their access card at home. Now there's a mobile software application that addresses these common frustrations and puts building control right into the hands of users. Honeywell is bringing these possibilities to life with the Honeywell Vector Occupant App, new smart building software that combines the convenience of today's mobile devices with Internet of Things concepts and connected building features to give users more control over their comfort levels, and the ability to securely move about the work place.

The Honeywell Vector Occupant App provides digital identification and integrates with core building functions, including access and temperature comfort control, to enhance building occupants' experience with the simple touch of a screen. Facility managers benefit from immediate insight into where and how comfortable occupants are, so they can make adjustments more quickly and easily. And, the app's digital identification and access control capabilities make it easier to manage occupant credentials, eliminating the need to keep track of and replace misplaced access cards.

Enriching the daily lives of tenants in the buildings they work in everyday, the application illustrates what's possible when the right intelligent building technology is in place. From optimizing the flow of people through a facility to automatically adjusting lighting and temperatures for occupancy levels, smart buildings are driving smart outcomes.

Eagle Brook Church in Minnesota and Virgin Money UK are using the Honeywell Vector Occupant App to enhance their daily operations and get more out of their facilities to improve occupant experiences.

Eagle Brook Church, one of the largest evangelical churches in America and host to 22,000 churchgoers every weekend, shares its experience with the Honeywell Occupant App's digital identification and access control capabilities.

Virgin Money UK, a bank offering a range of products, mortgages, savings and credits cards to its 3 million customers in the UK, delivers value to customers, shareholders and colleagues with the Honeywell Occupant App's access control and comfort feedback capabilities by improving user experiences.

The Honeywell Vector Occupant App is the latest addition to Honeywell's mobile software strategy, a significant part of the company's efforts to provide the latest technology innovations to help keep facilities safe, secure, comfortable, productive and energy efficient. Future enhancements and capabilities are planned for the app that will take advantage of building connectivity. The Honeywell Vector Occupant App works with Apple and Android products and is available on iTunes® and Google Play'.

Jessie Timmerman
Building Technologies
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