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Honeywell-Sponsored Scholarship Provides Advanced Training for First Responders

November is National Scholarship Month, a time when Honeywell invites first responders to nominate their peers for a unique Honeywell-sponsored scholarship that provides weeklong training in new firefighting tactics, techniques and technology.

Honeywell-sponsored Scholarship Provides Advanced Training for First RespondersNow in its fourth year, the scholarship awards 20-30 accomplished firefighters, HAZmat trainers, emergency medical services responders and others in the fire service with expenses-paid, weeklong training at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) being held April 24-29, 2017 in Indianapolis.

Through classroom training, exercises, seminars and exhibits, firefighters immerse themselves in advanced techniques on structural firefighting, HAZmat response, homeland defense and more. Scholarship recipients are awarded by an independent panel that considers record of service, including training background.

“The scholarships that Honeywell awards its recipients go far beyond personal benefit to the firefighter,” said Bobby Halton, director of training for FDIC. “Hundreds of other firefighters gain when the scholarship recipients return to their communities and share the information. It's a real, grass-roots knowledge-building initiative.”

“The scholarship is one way Honeywell honors the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day,” said Ken Schmidt, vice president and general manager of Honeywell First Responder, which manufactures a complete line of head-to-toe personal protective equipment and gas monitors for first responders, with more than 270 patents. Honeywell First Responder turnout gear is worn by more than 80% of North America's 20 largest municipal fire departments.

Honeywell-sponsored Scholarship Provides Advanced Training for First Responders“This program provides advanced training of life-savers by sharing and disseminating the best new practices and tools. The fireground is a dynamic arena being impacted by innovative new technology, such as real-time wireless information delivery on changing biometric and atmospheric conditions.”

Another goal is to educate firefighters on new threats, such as the risk of hydrogen cyanide poisoning and increased rates of early cancer in firefighters, borne out by new research.

“While fire-fighting can never be rid of these occupational hazards, we can reduce the threat of cancer by empowering firefighters with the knowledge they need protect themselves, which includes using equipment appropriately and to full advantage,” said Schmidt.

Honeywell has awarded more than 100 scholarships since the program was launched by Honeywell and FDIC in 2013. Through an online process, firefighting personnel including fire chiefs can nominate outstanding firefighters for the 2017 scholarship.

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