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A Present for Santa - Honeywell's One-of-a-Kind Turbocharged Prototype for Santa's Sleigh

Honeywell's one-of-a-kind turbocharged prototype for Santa's sleigh
The Honeywell Transportation Systems team is celebrating another successful year helping auto makers create more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles through its turbocharger technology. With continued growth projected for the next five years, our designers and engineers started thinking about other projects for the ultimate holiday ride: Santa’s sleigh!

We have a great idea what to get the ultimate hard-to-shop-for guy: a new Honeywell, silver stainless, ball-bearing action, one thousand horsepower, infinite range, GTX model turbocharger. Ooooh, talk about fun-to-fly!

While Santa and his magic reindeer already do a pretty good job navigating the globe in the single night, our team thinks they can help Santa be even more productive and efficient considering all that clean, cold air in the upper atmosphere. With a turbocharged sleigh he can do his work and still be home in time to celebrate a warm Christmas meal with Mrs. Claus.

Honeywell is helping the automotive world achieve new levels of performance with 20 to 40 percent better fuel economy through turbocharging and downsizing, adding turbo power to Santa’s sleigh would have some immediate benefits.

First of all, Doner and Dancer have been looking to retire from their positions for decades. Now both could focus on raising their families without Santa seeing any loss in performance. In fact, with a Honeywell turbo and electric compressor, Santa will gain additional torque at launch helping move from rooftop to rooftop – not to mention the additional benefit of replacing the sounds of eight noisy reindeer hooves with the low satisfying hum of a turbo.

Replacing two reindeer power with a pair of two-stage turbochargers would be a gigantic increase in performance and would not affect the cargo capacity of his sled, just as downsized turbocharged engines are foundational technologies for crossovers, SUVs and pickups all over the world. And the advanced two-stage system which provides low-end torque and responsiveness at higher speeds would be perfect for Santa’s long segments over the world’s oceans and unpopulated mountain regions.

The advanced ball bearings in a Honeywell turbo are perfect for cold weather starts. This is also an environmental bonus for Santa to fight off the erosion of his North Pole residence due to global warming. And by downsizing the number of reindeer needed, Santa would save on feed expenses and reduce a carbon footprint issue no one wants to step in. Truly a white Christmas we would all appreciate.

Honeywell software engineers also wanted to contribute with a custom software package using navigation and ground proximity tools from our Aerospace colleagues to help keep everyone’s favorite elf safe and on course. Honeywell’s cyber security capabilities would protect ground to air transmissions with Central Christmas Command and Mrs. Claus as he makes his way through the crowded night sky evading Scrooge-inspired hacks of his flight plans.

It would be a Christmas gift to remember!

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