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Award-Winning Thermostat Keeps Mosques Cool

Honeywell has been presented with a prestigious award for innovation in the Middle East, for a new approach to temperature control that helped a mosque save 37 percent on its energy usage.

Getting the temperature right at home &endash; and keeping it right &endash; without wasting lots of energy can be quite a challenge, particularly when the weather outside is very hot or cold.

So imagine trying to do that for a mosque with a capacity of up to 700 worshippers who fill the building during the five daily prayer times and require a cool, comfortable place to worship away from the powerful rays of the Middle East sun.

That was the problem facing the Al Tawba Mosque in Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates. Because the frequent prayer times result in sudden peaks of activity in the mosque, it was very difficult to ensure the building was cool enough in advance of each call to prayer. The easy solution would be simply to leave the air conditioning on permanently, but this approach results in considerable energy wastage, particularly when the mosque has limited use between prayers or at night.

A solution to the problem was presented by Honeywell's VisionPro® 8000 smart thermostat. Adapted by Honeywell to meet the unique challenge facing mosques, the VisionPro® 8000 features an ‚Äòauto-azan' feature, which first uses location co-ordinates of the mosque to determine when prayer times will be, and then ‚Äòlearns' how long it takes to cool the building sufficiently ahead of each prayer. This ensures that only the precise amount of energy required for maintaining a comfortable temperature is used, with power being saved between prayers and at night.

For its work in solving the efficiency challenge facing mosques with the VisionPro® 8000 thermostat, Honeywell has been presented with the prestigious Dominic de Sousa Award for Innovation at the Climate Control Middle East Awards 2016. The awards showcase smart innovation and efficiency success across the Middle East's Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR) industries.

The award ceremony highlighted the considerable success that the Al Tawba Mosque was able to realize over a six month pilot study by using the VisionPro® 8000, which included a 37 percent energy saving, as well as the thermostat's easy installation, making it suitable for both new and retro-fit mosques.

Leigh-Ann Judd
Communications Director - Middle East