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Ding Dong: Honeywell's New Series of Doorbells Arrive Just in Time to Ring in the Holidays

The holiday season brings with it many traditions and festivities, and Honeywell knows that all holiday journeys begin and end at the front door. With that in mind, Honeywell’s latest series of smarter doorbells is helping homeowners continue to personalize their homes this season, with the introduction of its Series 9, Series 5, and Series 3 collection of battery-powered and plug-in doorbells.

Thanks to Honeywell’s wide ranging doorbell offerings, developed to meet every homes’ differing needs, homeowners will never miss a last-minute holiday gift delivery or let a visitor wake children dreaming of a white Christmas again.

Series 9: Wireless Portable Doorbell
with Halo Light and Push Button

The Series 9 doorbell can be moved to any room in the house, even the yard, to ensure that no matter where people are in their homes they won’t miss the arrival of a guest or package. So when holiday decorating calls for a trip up the ladder, whoever’s at the door will always be heard. Because Honeywell understands that personalization is what makes a house a home, homeowners can upload their very own doorbell melody, or choose from one of the six pre-installed on the device.

In addition to the added usefulness, homeowners can rest assured that their doorbell systems will complement the mood and décor of their homes, as the visual effects of the doorbell can also be modified with seven LED light colors to choose from, including a night light function (Series 5 only). Even the volume is adjustable, so that no matter the scenario, a dinner party or family holiday movie night, the doorbell will never be too jarring nor inaudible. If a baby (or adult) is napping after a long night caroling or decking the halls, homeowners can simply mute the doorbell for 3, 6, 9, or 12 hours, ensuring peace and quiet without the risk of forgetting to turn it back on.

The perfect combination of portability and personalization, the Series 9, Series 5, and Series 3 collection of doorbells are fit to serve any and all homes with varying needs. With a wireless range of up to 450 feet and battery life that lasts up to five years, Honeywell has made sure that every part of the home, including the doorbell, is equipped to fit the ins and outs of every homeowner’s lifestyle.

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