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Honeywell Mobile Technology Helps Metro Supermarkets Keep Store Shelves Fully Stocked with Fresh Food

Grocery stores are facing a range of challenges in an e-commerce world as shoppers look for online options for buying their food and supplies. To compete in the online shopping environment, grocers are investing in mobile technology to make the shopping experience more convenient for customers and ensuring that shelves are stocked with fresh food.

Metro, one of the largest supermarket chains in Greece, recently enhanced its store operations by providing their employees access to a range of data about their products and to manage inventory. The retailer recently installed Honeywell’s rugged, mobile computers in nearly 150 store locations across Greece.

Metro employees use the handheld computers to track new inventory from suppliers, check pricing, and manage in-store product inventory. With easy access to data about product freshness and expiration dates, Metro’s connected workers can make sure produce is fresh and not nearing the end of its shelf life.

Honeywell’s productivity products such as handheld computers, bar code scanners and printers help grocery stores access data to efficiently manage their operations.

Eric Krantz
Safety and Productivity Solutions
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