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Honeywell Partners with Golden Eagle to Design and Deploy Smart Grid and Smart Building Solutions for Chinese Commercial Properties

Honeywell China and Golden Eagle International Group have signed a strategic partnership agreement. To help address energy and sustainability challenges in Chinese cities, they will deploy smart grid and smart building solutions.


The Golden Eagle International Group is a large commercial real estate developer, boasting abundant experience in project development and operations across high-end downtown real estate, upscale department stores and large-scale city complexes in China and Asia Pacific. With its headquarters in Nanjing, capital of East China's Jiangsu Province, Golden Eagle aims to develop and run smarter and greener landmark buildings in Chinese cities by embracing cutting-edge building technologies and intelligent solutions.

According to the agreement, Honeywell will provide building control products and systems for a number of Golden Eagle's current and future projects across China, and will design energy management solutions for a number of existing properties. More importantly, the two parties plan to implement Smart Grid Automated Demand Response (ADR) in Golden Eagle's 10 commercial buildings in China. This marks the first large scale deployment of ADR among Chinese commercial properties, following the country's first Smart Grid pilot project in 2012 in Tianjin Economic Technological Development Area (TEDA) of northern China's port city of Tianjin.

Building energy consumption has become one of the biggest sources of power demand in China thanks to the country's rapid urbanization. Honeywell's smart grid solutions enable utilities, factories, commercial customers, and homeowners to manage their energy consumption more effectively. The exemplary in Tianjin has shown ADR can help industrial and commercial facilities to reduce energy consumption by approximately 15% and 20% respectively, while the proper operation of these facilities are ensured at the same time.

“Green and smart represent a promising trend of future commercial real estate development, and it has also been Golden Eagle's business philosophy as well,” said Roger Wang, Chairman of Golden Eagle International Group. “We look forward to our partnership with Honeywell, and to bring Honeywell's technologies and expertise in areas like smart grid, building control, energy management, safety and security into a number of Golden Eagle's existing and future projects.”

“Today's building technologies and solutions &endash; from comfort and control, security and life safety, energy management, to data analytics -- can help make tremendous strides in improving the performance of buildings,” said Stephen Shang, President and CEO of Honeywell China. “The key is for businesses to work together to share the latest in energy efficiency technology and to find ways to install, finance and maintain these systems in ways that all parties can prosper. With our partnership with Golden Eagle, we look forward to rolling out a series of exemplary projects on green, energy-efficient smart buildings, and driving the commercial use of ADR technology in China.”

China is already the world's largest energy consumer and the country is designing and implementing new policies and programs to improve energy efficiency in its cities. By cutting back on power consumption through smart demand management and other energy efficiency programs, businesses can save millions in avoidable energy costs.

Chunhua Lu (China)
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