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‘Industry-First' Smart Building Score Promotes Middle East Innovation

In today's world of gadgets and electronic wizardry, “smart” is everywhere. Smart transportation systems, smart security infrastructure and smart energy grids are becoming increasingly common, designed to help us be more productive, efficient and safe.

Even buildings are becoming smart &endash; something that is highly beneficial given the considerable time most people spend indoors. High-rise commercial and residential buildings, office blocks, airports, hospitals and shopping malls around the world are embracing smart technology to improve the experiences of those using them &endash; from intelligent environmental management systems to reduce wastage and keep people comfortable, to fire and hazard protection technology to keep inhabitants safe and minimize disruption.

The problem, however, has been defining what constitutes smart. Technology to make buildings smart is already available, but the challenge lies in determining what and how many technologies need to be installed, in order for a building to be considered smart.

Thanks to Honeywell, a pioneer of smart building technologies, that problem has now been addressed by the industry's first universal framework designed for the comprehensive assessment of any building's “smartness.”

The Honeywell Smart Building Score' uses a complex set of criteria and algorithms to assess a building's smartness, accurately and consistently, based on how green, safe and productive it is.

This year, Honeywell conducted its Smart Building Score analysis in the Middle East, on more than 620 buildings in seven major cities in the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, assessing hotels, hospitals, educational and retail facilities, and prominent high-rise office and residential buildings.

Following this research, Honeywell has handed out awards to the region's top private and public buildings, for their dedication to improving the experience of their inhabitants through smart technology investment.

Honeywell Smart Building Score winners include:

  • Qatar: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel &endash; Winner, Region's Smartest Hotel; Aspire Zone &endash; Winner, Region's Smartest Educational Facility;
  • UAE: Burj Khalifa &endash; Winner, Smartest Building in UAE; Winner, Region's Smartest High-Rise Residential Building;
  • Kuwait: Al Hamra Business Tower and Luxury Center &endash; Winner, Smartest Building in Kuwait;
  • Saudi Arabia: King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC) &endash; Winner, Smartest Building in Saudi Arabia.

The awards were announced at a series of events in Dubai, during the UAE's Innovation Week, and in Saudi Arabia where Honeywell hosted more than 120 customers, suppliers and senior figures from the construction and building sectors to discuss the role of technology in enabling Smart Cities.

Leigh-Ann Judd
Communications Director - Middle East