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Mind the Farm - How Surveillance Can Make Food Safer

Honeywell Performance Series 1080p IR cameras monitor operations at Prestage Farms

With more consumer attention on food safety, operators are finding new ways to bring transparency to complex supply chains. According to a 2016 study by the Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturers Association, 47 percent of consumers reported wanting clear information on ingredients and sourcing &endash; a challenge for food producers that contract with hundreds of farm families across state lines.

For some, that means embracing new surveillance technology that both monitors daily operations and gives stakeholders reassurance of the ethical treatment of animals. “It gives us the ability to show that we do what we say we do,” said Bradley Faircloth, business analyst at Prestage Farms.

The North-Carolina-based turkey and pork producer installed Honeywell's Performance Series 1080p IR cameras in turkey houses and in the truck wash bay area to assure quality standards of employees and monitor the health and activity of the birds. This 24/7 monitoring gives Prestage Farms the opportunity to identify and address concerns more quickly, before it becomes a food safety issue.

“When we first started talking about installing a surveillance system, we wanted to have cameras and recorders that were affordable and easy to operate,” said Faircloth. “With no ongoing operational cost, the Performance Series was the ideal solution for a multi-location operation. And even though industrial farms generate high levels of dust and debris, the self-contained surveillance system is built to withstand the challenging environment.”

And as Prestage Farms continues to grow, so will their surveillance network. Honeywell's Performance Series cameras are expected to be installed in more than 20 poultry houses across North Carolina. Ultimately, their goal is producing safe and nutritious food for everyone.

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