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Redefining the Fan Experience at Daytona

It's not just a grandstand anymore. Earlier this year, the world-renowned Daytona International Speedway completed a $400-million renovation that changed everything about the iconic speedway.

While fans are sure to notice the updated seats, increase in restrooms and wider variety of concession stands, it's what they won't see that will have the biggest impact. Everything from operational logistics to security was designed so the fans can focus on what really matters: the race.

In the old facility, many operations areas were mixed with visitor areas &endash; meaning everyone from fans to maintenance staff were using the same walkways. Now, the ground floor service alley is limited to operations staff and fans navigate the stadium on level one. Since the newly-created service alley can fit a full semi-truck to move goods and equipment, employees can do their jobs more efficiently without worrying about dodging attendees.

And with any event space, security and safety are a top priority. “We wanted to ensure fans are safe and secure and the back of house areas are protected,” said Rodney Ward, senior director of Venue Technology of the International Speedway Corporation.

To monitor the nearly mile-long venue, integrator Security 101 installed 560 cameras, including some multi-megapixel video cameras in high-risk areas. Now instead of using pan-tilt-zoom cameras, the updated equipment can capture more and use digital zoom for detail. “It doesn't require the operator to physically move the camera view,” which only increases the risk for error, says Ward.

Networking the hundreds of specialty cameras is Honeywell's MAXPRO video management software. By using camera-agnostic software, security teams can review past video data to measure area usage, traffic and even signage popularity. Monitoring user behavior can even lead to more fan improvements in the future.

Beyond video surveillance, Security 101 also oversaw the installation of 260 access controlled doors over the three-year construction period. This security system is compatible with the International Speedway Corporation's headquarters, which brings even more cohesion and control to the facility's security operations.

While fans likely won't notice the upgrade from manual locks or the segregation of operations staff, it's the updated technology solutions that improve the overall Speedway experience for both employees and guests. And that's definitely worth cheering for.

All photos courtesy of the International Speedway Corporation.

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