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Dave Cote on Honeywell and the Digital Revolution

Honeywell Chairman and CEO, Dave Cote, was interviewed on “CNNMoney” live from the New York Stock Exchange last week. During the segment, Cote discussed how Honeywell’s capability in software, along with its deep domain knowledge of physical products, positions the company to excel in the digital age.

“Manufacturing of things is always going to be important…no matter what you deal with in your life, you’re dealing with physical objects of some kind.” While manufacturing will remain important for growth and productivity, he emphasized that “the next wave of productivity is going to be coming from the interaction between the digital space and the physical space.”

Honeywell is particularly focused on leveraging its understanding of how the digital and the physical connect to create a better physical output for its customers. Cote noted that half of the company’s 23,000 engineers are developing software, “because that interaction between the digital and physical space is going to be hugely important in this century. It’s the next phase of the digital revolution.”

Watch the full interview here.

Rob Ferris
Corporate and Financial Media Relations