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Hello, Summer

Here are five ways to make the most of the season
It’s getting hot out there. That means it’s time for beach games, barbecues and outdoorsy activities with friends and family. Here are five ways to make the most of the sunshine..

Take a Vacation
Hello, Summer
Summer is a great time to get away, restore and relax, but there’s one worry that could get in your way - how can you be sure your home is safe and secure when you're not there? With the Lyric Gateway security and home control, you won’t have to worry about home when you’re on that family road trip.

Go Fishing
Hello, Summer
It’s time to head to the water, cast a line and try to catch a fish or two. This summer, reel in a good time using a Spectra fishing line. Check out our other gear that will help fill up your tackle box.

Tend the Garden
Hello, Summer
With growing season in full swing, it’s time to nurture those seeds into a real harvest. But along with the fresh air and sunshine, gardening can present some personal risk. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encourages gardeners to dress to protect, know your limits in the heat, stay hydrated and put safety first. We’ve got you covered with five items that guard everything from your head to your hands to your feet.

Beat the Heat
Summer Solstice
As the day with the most sunlight of the year, your office building may heat up a bit more. If the building’s temperature isn’t factoring in the extra daylight flooding through the windows, building occupants can provide feedback to help adjust for that sunlight. The Honeywell Vector Occupant App can help. It’s smart building software that combines the convenience of today’s mobile devices with connected building features.

Stay Cool
Hello, Summer
Do you want to be notified when your Lyric thermostat detects a water leak during a storm? Or automatically cool down your home when it gets too hot? Connect one of your Lyric devices to IFTTT to easily manage your home so you can spend more time soaking in the sun.

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