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Spotlight: Abayomi Olaogun

Here’s what he has to say about his role in the HR Pathways program:

How did you get involved with Honeywell?

I was introduced to Honeywell at a career fair at Rutgers University, where I got my bachelor’s in communications and HR management and my master’s in HR management and labor relations. I was attracted to the HR Pathways Program because I want to be more interactive with people and in a management role. They impressed me with innovative initiatives and their desire to shape the future of the company. Another thing that attracted me to Honeywell was the fact that they had so many different businesses – it really offers job security.

Describe your experience in HR Pathways.

The HR Pathways Program has 18-month rotations where you have the opportunity to be a business leader. In my first rotation, I’m with the aerospace business, where I directly support supply chain – about 400 employees, 20 manager and three directors. It’s a pretty big deal supporting a billion-dollar business. For my other rotations, I have the opportunity to work anywhere in the US and even globally.

What most impresses you about your role?

My goal is to be an HR director or HR vice president. When I started, that was my goal but I didn’t know what it took to be an HR director. I traveled to Florida and a few sites in North Carolina to shadow HR directors as they visited their sites. If I was hired as an employee who wasn’t part of this program, I might not have had that opportunity. The program is super helpful to career development.

How have you grown in your position?

I’ve grown in a lot of different aspects, but I would say number one is dealing with ambiguity. That challenge works a muscle that a lot of people are not used to using: problem solving and being able to deal with people, emotions and even something as simple as communicating.

What do you think it takes to be a #futureshaper?

You have to be okay with change. If you’re not okay with that, then it’ll be very difficult for you to change the future. Another thing, you’ll need is vision. I feel a lot of people have sight, but they don’t have that vision for the end goal. The third, I would say, is ambition. You have to be a go-getter, willing to roll up your sleeves and get the job done.